Manifesto: ABC of Education

To raise a political stand and create awareness about dyslexia, there IS ON the which had, have, has been done grammar mistakes deliberately.

Sometime, I deliberately explain words or focus things which is not the text, this is AN secondary approach to create awareness on Dyslexia

Who am I? I am a creative designer with I am trying to be better at writing and presenting my ideas and showcasing my thought progress. Right now, my education path leads me into discovering human-centered design and circular design. I suffered a lot due to insufficient education during my elementary and high school days Because of this, I have a personal problem, Therefore, instead of grading myself “F”, I yell at you “F you”, the so-called perfect standardized education system. With this manifesto, I aim to encourage tutors and students to take a stand and demand sustainability and circular design as part of the education program.

Before I am into I will tell you one short story about how kids give value to emotional artifacts. I am taking you back to my childhood memories. When I and my blood brother mean brother in Turkish represents a different kind of bond in my culture which way beyond innocent kids, we started a new school far away from our homes and we didn’t know each other at all. We were brought together by two things: a football and small plastic pieces called “the ”. In my life is with The world around aware of sustainability and the value of plastic materials. Two decades ago simple were our most precious artifacts. We had has had [relationship] with our parent couldn’t relate. Dirty small plastic things were was is are our treasure. So why did you read this story? Because this is proof to me, that children are open to carefully protecting and loving.

Dear teachers and students, you may ask. Why sustainability and circular design education is so much the answers are simple education is the way to change the world and design thinking is to change the education system. KIDS ARE SMARTER THAN US AND THEY ARE OPEN TO LEARN WE CAN TEACH THEM ABOUT SUSTAINABILITY AND CIRCULAR DESIGN TO SAVE THE WORLDTherefor circular design must be the education.

What is sustainability or what is a circular design, what kind of explanation you would wish to hear from our children’s you even properly describe these words? My biggest problem is this, I see education to spread equality, which we are far away from globally. As a person who emphasizes the circular economy, I wish our children to think differently about aspects of sustainability such as ecological, economic, and social sustainability. The circular design is a tool that readjusts the traditional, business models of taking, making, disposing of giving them ‘F you’. It encourages to the design of a product for multi-user also multi-usage in additionally it helps designers to think about of production and life journey of the product when they bought by the user.

By teaching our kids about the products, their stories, we will raise engaged adolescents who understand and value all of our recourses and we can protect and reuse world's raw sustainability and circular design will help between STEM and STEAM You may ask what is STEM and STEAMD I have had has you STEM is Education system where you have to take one exam which involves math chemistry and physics and religion! , gave, given students only one chance to be the other hand, with STEAMD students can take talent-related art and design lessons in high school and they can take talent exams to study higher education.]

Teaching sustainability and circular design will be more effective in solving wicked problems and creating circular business plans right after graduation. Skills such as complex problem solving, critical thinking, crisis management, and skills of circular design methodologies. These students will wonder about alternative solutions rather than accepting given solutions; they will explore the different resolutions and opportunities for existing problems, and they will have the attitude to continuously iterate the solution to make it more efficient.

Adapting sustainability into the education system will lead to holistic ways of thinking; students will learn about design thinking with a mind map to sense and comprehend This will make on the learning experience more than on memorizing information for exams and forgetting it afterward because to be successful in which emerged by circular design and sustainability.

They will discover the benefits of collaborating work and they will be co-change/solvers instead of individual minds You feel lost, co-change/solver is a I invented myself which I inspired from co-design]. They will discover the value of networking, open design, and hacking from a young age. The student will learn to stand against planned obsolescence [Product deliberately designed for time usage. Yes, I know designer to punch ecosystem right in the face]. They will reinvent approaches to practical solutions to the different dimensions of as economic, ecological and social. We will inject a way of thinking into our children which will protect them from commercial culture and we will be the tools to find their sustainability path the commercial culture.

I am going to on writing more Manifestos



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