2022 To 2023 ///Designer journey continue on

Some project wraped up and I shared them on medium, my port side feels great. On Linkedln, I almost had 300,000 impressions wow 🤩 and I meet couple of great mentors and friends among the way although you can definitely say my mentors become a friends as well..

2023 will be more stormy and uncertain for me. I might be less active here depending of outcomes .( Key lows and high will be shared )

I will continue on learning more #participatorydesign#designresearch #ethnography #speculativedesign #ai . In term of tools I hope to focus on #geometrynodes , #grasshopper3d #unreal , #lenstudio #arduino with chatgbt help. Unreal and lenstudio might change place with touchdesigner. Some of the tools I have the basic knowledge and understanding so it will be about getting into next level. Of course I will not able to do all, some goals will be part 2024 / 2025 ( Hope to be alive,well, healthy )

Otherwise family is core of the everything I do , keeping work&life balance. Learning adapting more into Scandinavian lifestyles, values, traditions, culture will be important to have gender equal relationships and parenthood with my soulmate even though I struggle to balance on last couple of years to have professional developments ( hard skills ) personal evolution comes with nurturing equal relationships and parenthood helping me develop personally which bringing its unique benefit into professional life ( understanding, time management, empathy, active listening, patient ) family comes first…..And How I can forgot my journey learning Swedish…

Jag måste plugga svenska varje dags, mina barn kommer inte att förstå ! Vad fan jag säger, skämt åsido, mina barn kommer att mina vara lärare. ( Something like this )

My favorite project of year from ace mics in TU Darmstadt

Lastly, two long long long on ongoing projects hopefully will be published end of 2023 or early 2024, these projects will never end in my eyes there will be always next version maybe turn into side business someday ( 3D printed sustainable, community owned public furniture 🪑 and IoT robots for parents to reflect and share their fears with other in participatory activities/events ) #iot #robots #community#3dprinting #furnituredesign #industrialdesign #ux #ixd

I am continuing to work at H&M , explored some cases related to sustainability. Improving employee experiences, at H&M, I work as a product designer for the ASQ Quantify team, my primary focus is to conduct research and exploration into the ecological systems of various businesses, utilizing participatory design and design ethnography to develop research artifacts that support innovation.

My secondary role as researcher is to develop a refined sensibility and expertise in UXR practice, enabling me to create high-quality research artifacts such as user journey maps, service design blueprints, stakeholder maps, task flows, and power dynamic maps. Have been some great conversation around sustainability, AI tools and ethics at HM , I hope to have many more.


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